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Five Ideas to Jumpstart Your Family Travel Planning

Are you ready to gather up your favorite people and head out on a dream vacation? Family travel can feel overwhelming because you have to account for so many different ages, activities levels, and interests. Whether you are interested in a family cruise or a trip to Disneyland, family travel has something for everyone. 

Family travel is an opportunity to share your love of travel with the people you love the most. Read all about it in my Beginner’s Guide to Family Travel.

Here are five ideas to help jumpstart your road trip travel planning:


Iceland is a destination that really has something to offer every type of traveler. You can experience it all here – adventure travel, eco-friendly travel, road trip travel, geeky travel. If you have mobility challenges, there are stunning sights all around you that don’t require you to leave the car or tour bus. It’s not just kid and elderly friendly. Iceland is people friendly. While food can be expensive, there are grocery stores all over the island, as well as a fairly booming Airbnb-style accommodations rental industry. Iceland is also the kind of place where you can have an entirely different experience depending on when you travel there.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali offers a perfect mix of beautiful nature, delicious food, and cultural education and exploration. The weather is really tourism-friendly for the majority of the year and the cost of travel is relatively affordable in comparison to neighboring locales. The hotels and villas are all very family friendly and focused, and offer numerous services and amenities that will help in accommodating all needs.

Safari in South Africa

This is a dream vacation item, but it has to be mentioned. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience to share amongst multiple generations. Safari comes in many shapes and sizes and budgets, but it’s all tremendously family-friendly. There are accommodations available depending on age and mobility, as well as overall interest level. And the sundowners are really legendary. Oh, I haven’t even mentioned all the awe-inspiring animals and breathtaking nature you’ll see every day. 

Disneyland, United States

OK, you probably expected me to say Walt Disney World, as it is my very favorite of the Disney parks. But when I think about all ages and all mobility abilities, Disneyland in California feels more whole family friendly. It’s smaller, generally less crowded, and a bit slower paced. If you love rides, parades, characters, and churros, Disneyland will be the happiest place on Earth for you and your family.

Caribbean Cruise

Cruises are a great opportunity to accommodate lots of people and do so while being a bit more budget-friendly. Caribbean cruises are on the more affordable end of cruising and offer you access to stunning beaches, rich culture, and beautiful people, all while giving you that all-inclusive treatment. Best part, if you don’t have the budget to book a bunch of excursions, Caribbean cruise ports always have activities you can partake in for free. These hotels on water are the perfect opportunity to create some multigenerational memories. Keep in mind, there can be limitations based on the ages of your kids, so look into that before cruising.

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