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How Do I Keep My Hair Vibrant While Traveling

Text "How Do I Keep My Hair Vibrant While Traveling" above a photo of Beth with vibrant green hair and all-black clothing against a snowy Iceland landscape

This is one of my most commonly asked questions. I typically just tell folks my hair is naturally this vivid. Truth be told, though, the answer is 5 fold:

Start the Trip Right

First, right before I travel somewhere, I either get my hair professionally colored or I wet wash my hair and use oVertone, a color depositing conditioner, combined with a hair mask designed for colored treat hair. This means my hair is generally at its most vibrant at the very start of the trip.

Don’t Wet Wash Much

Second, I just won’t wet wash my hair very much. It’s not the answer people want but it’s the truth. If you have vivid hair and really want to maintain that health and brightness, you wet wash your hair as little as possible. Really, as little as you feel comfortable. But that doesn’t mean you don’t shower. We all need to shower. Just don’t wash your hair.

Avoid Submerging In Water

Third, if possible, I avoid getting my hair wet at all. You’re probably wondering why I’m repeating myself. It’s more than just not washing your hair. I also try to avoid submerging my hair in the ocean, in lakes, rivers, hot springs, wherever. I generally put my hair in a high bun to keep the water off my hair. 

Braids and Buns and Headband, Oh My

Fourth, don’t be afraid to use the best protective hairstyle for your hair type. For me, that generally means two braids and a headband. Truth be told, I generally will have my hair in two braids on at least my first day of travel. It keeps my hair out of my way, helps avoid knots and breakage, and means the following day, I’ll have really beautiful waves. All a plus in my book.

oVertone is the Answer

Fifth, when in doubt, always bring some oVertone with you just in case you need an on-the-spot color refresh. Check out my story about how I almost ruined my hair in Iceland as a quick reminder to always come prepared with your own color refresh because you might not be able to find anything locally. I love the sample size because it’s only 2 ounces, which means it’s travel friendly.

So, is it all worth it? 100% yes. I believe you should always travel as your authentic self. Your happiness and comfort means it will always be worth it.

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