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Top 10 Things My Kid Loved To Do In Iceland

Text "Top 10 Things My Kid Loved to Do in Iceland" below a photo of Ryan, Ellie, and Beth in front of an Icelandic waterfall

Blue Lagoon

“I just loved swimming in it. I loved that it was fun even though it was during a blizzard and it felt like I was going to get blown away. Note to self, don’t go there when there is a blizzard. You will get smacked in the face with snow. And the snow hurts. I liked that the changing areas felt more private, too, since we had our own changing stalls.”


“The hike was very fun, but also kind of dangerous. I especially like that we saw sheep along the way. You’d see sheep on the sides of these cliffs and it looked like they jumped from the top of the mountains. If you bring your kid, you might want to turn back immediately, though, because it was dangerous.”

Ice Skating

“I loved ice skating and I learned I’m good at it. Since Iceland, it’s one of my favorite things to do now. We were walking through Reykjavik and saw these lights and I was wondering what was going on. And it was an ice skating rink. How crazy! It was pretty cold, since it was winter, but it was worth it and I’d do it again.”


“I loved it because it was so much fun and I love swimming, especially in warm water. It was also really beautiful. We were surrounded by mountains and snow and I wanted to have a snowball fight. The only thing I didn’t like was that the changing area wasn’t really private. It was all open and people could see you changing.”


“I loved it. I got to even steer the sled, even though I’m so small. The dogs were all so cute, but I did feel bad for them because it was a blizzard. I really loved the jumper and goggles they gave us, because we all looked pretty cool. Also, they let us visit the doggies in their stable before and after we went dogsledding and I really enjoyed playing with them. It was hard to see because of the snow, but it was so fun.”


“Iceland knows how to put on a very big light show. Usually, people don’t let kids near fireworks, but in Iceland they totally let kids light fireworks. Sadly, my dada didn’t buy us any huge fireworks, but other people did and I got to watch them light them. I was allowed to help set up our fireworks and light them, too. I felt safe because I was with my family, but it was still crazy being so close to fireworks. It was really exciting.”


“Iceland bakeries have really good donuts. They have regular looking donuts and then they have special Iceland donuts. The Iceland donuts are better. The bakeries also always have this Icelandic chocolate milk and it’s the best chocolate milk in the world.”

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

“The waterfalls in Iceland are really cool because they look so amazing even if you can’t really swim in them. Seljalandsfoss is so special because you can walk behind it. Except when it was winter. Don’t go too close to this waterfall when it’s icy. I fell a lot.”

Singing Cave

“There’s this cave in Iceland that echoes your voice. And it sounds like you’re singing with such a beautiful voice. It’s also a bit spooky and kind of treacherous. Some people call it the murder cave. Or at least that’s what my Mama called it.”  


“We had to walk by glaciers and volcanoes and mountains to get there and once we got there you had to change in this room where everyone could see you. I love this pool because it turned my Mama’s hair blue and that’s really funny. Don’t go to this pool with dyed hair unless you want blue hair, too.”

Black Sand Beach

“I love Black Sand Beach because it’s so beautiful but it’s very dangerous. Beaches in Iceland are dangerous. One time at another beach with golden sand this dude had a GoPro and he was taking photos of the water. The GoPro got swept into the water and he literally dove into the water to get the GoPro. Even though there were signs saying don’t go in the water or else you’ll die. So my dada and some other person had to dive into the water to save him. And they did but almost didn’t and he got his GoPro back. He must’ve been very cold. The moral of this story is if you ever lose a GoPro in the water in Iceland, just let it go. It’s not worth your life.”

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