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Disneybounds I Wore to the Disney Parks in Asia

First, let’s start with the most obvious question. What’s Disneybounding?


/ˈdiznē bound/
the practice of wearing an outfit that evokes your favorite Disney character. These styles are not cosplays, but instead are “everyday” clothes, combined in such a way as to make you look like a fashionable version of your favorite character, theme, ride or even snack.

Disney Parks generally have a fairly strict no costume policy for adults (except around Halloween and Christmas time). Disneybounding is a way to put together an outfit inspired by your favorite characters while still being respectful of the rules. This movement really stemmed from “casual cosplay”. Real talk, it’s a super fun way to show your Disney geekdom while visiting the parks.  For more information you can read about How I Started Disneybounding.

Shanghai Disneyland
Gamora – Guardians of the Galaxy

Shanghai Disneyland has a great Marvel campus area for photo ops and I really love so much about Gamora’s costume from Guardians of the Galaxy so this felt like the perfect cosplay to bring to the parks.

Gamora has a mesh bodice or bodysuit, textured leather pants, detailed black boots, holster, and green skin. It gives you a real moto vibe, honestly. 

I opted to interpret that by styling a low v mesh bodysuit with some moto leggings, and some moto boots with metal detailing, as well as a green cardigan and a spiky black leather belt. Oh, and I can’t forget the accessories. I added a bullet-inspired choker and a black leather studded waistband since that felt on brand for her.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Beetlejuice – Beetlejuice

OK, so Beetlejuice isn’t a Disney princess, but he really should be, right? I love stripes and I really enjoyed wearing this bound to Hong Kong Disneyland. It felt very much in alignment with Nightmare Before Christmas for folks who didn’t recognize I was bounding as Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice has green hair, a black and white striped suit, and black boots. He’s often associated with bugs and spikes, as well. It’s such an iconic and dramatic outfit, honestly. 

I opted to interpret that by pairing a striped high-low blouse with some striped leggings, my already green hair, and a pair of spiky black boots that feel like something you’d see in Beetlejuice. I included some Beetlejuice specific accessories, like a sandworm bracelet and Recently Deceased purse. I also had some custom Mickey Mouse ears made that are inspired by Beetlejuice with some black fashion netting and a huge spider.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Captain Hook – Peter Pan

Hong Kong Disneyland has a really awesome picture section for Tinkerbell, so I knew a Captain Hook would be the perfect Disneybound to bring to the parks. Additionally, I love the opportunity to dress as a villain whenever it makes sense and boy, is Captain Hook a well-dressed villain.

Captain Hook has his iconic hat, red coat, white ruffled shirt with ruffled cuffs, coordinating pants, white socks, black and gold shoes, as well as a hook for a hand thanks to a hungry crocodile. 

I opted to interpret that by wearing my own iconic hat, and pairing that with a white ruffled blouse with ruffled cuffs, as well as a flowing red jacket. I added a coordinating skirt, white ruffled socks, black and gold boots to really give you Hook vibes. I finished the look with a black belt with a hook closure, a pocket watch necklace, and a crocodile textured bag. I also had a hook as a fun prop for occasional photo ops.

Tokyo Disneyland
Haunted Mansion Maid

Disneybounds aren’t only for creating outfits inspired by your favorite characters. They can be your favorite vehicle, food, holiday, decoration, or in the case of this bound, your favorite attraction. Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides for a number of reasons. It’s wonderfully spooky, which I love, but it’s also visually really interesting and I just love the colors. I decided to create an outfit inspired by the cast members who run that attraction.

Haunted Mansion maids wear green and black striped outfits with long green skirts, as well as white ruffle accents including an adorable headpiece. 

I opted to interpret that by pairing a black and white blouse with ruffle and tie accents with a green circle skirt, striped panty hose and cute heel patent leather shoes. One of my favorite accessories was a custom made Mickey Mouse ears fascinator inspired by the maid uniform. I also carried one of my Dooney & Bourke Haunted Mansion purses, as well.  

Tokyo Disney Sea
Ariel – Little Mermaid 

I absolutely love mermaids, and I especially love The Little Mermaid, so when going to Tokyo DisneySea with an epic Little Mermaid area (as well as other water-themed attractions), how could I not put together an Ariel Disneybound?

Ariel is known for her iconic red hair, purple shell bra, and green mermaid tail. Oh, and an obsession for man made objects that mermaids have no use for under the sea.

I opted to interpret that by pairing a mesh crop top with purple shells with a green mermaid scale print skirt I made, along with a red wrap to honor her very red hair. I added some mermaid scale platform sneakers and a custom made Mickey Mouse fascinator inspired by Ariel (complete with dinglehopper). I also had some under the sea themed jewelry and a Flounder purse, since you always need your best friend.

Tokyo Disneyland
Winnie the Pooh

Tokyo Disneyland has an adorable Winnie the Pooh themed store and attraction, so it felt fitting that I put together a Disneybound for one of my favorite Hunny loving bears. 

Winnie the Pooh is a yellow bear with a red crop top and a slight obsession with honey, or “hunny”. 

I opted to interpret that by pairing a red crop top with a mustard yellow circle skirt and matching knee high boots. Honestly, that alone is usually enough for people to figure out you’re Winnie! I added in some bee jewelry, Mickey Mouse ears inspired by Winnie the Pooh, and a honey pot purse with Pooh’s iconic “hunny” writing on it.

Have a favorite Disneybound? Let me know in the comments.

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