How Can I Help?

I’m a helper. It’s just part of my nature. It all stems from my love of problem-solving. As a highly creative Type-A personality, that often leads me to be a fairly out-of-the-box thinker and creative solution finder.

Over the years, I’ve mentored many individuals and businesses, offering them assistance in areas that are a core competency for me: business development (with a focus on sales, marketing, and process optimization), travel, organization, photography, self-reflection. I typically offer these services for free but to a very small and select group of folks who have the highest need. I’ve been asked to extend my assistance to more people, but that just didn’t feel like the right move… until now.

I’m offering my services through my website and will only offer consultations first. This will allow me to still prioritize my time and ensure that we’re compatible work partners. Because that’s really what all of this kind of work is. It’s a partnership. I can look at the requests, or problems, or concerns and offer solutions, but you will need to do the work in the end.

Services Offered

Life Coaching

Whether your concerns are more personal or professional, I can help you sort through those challenges and tackle them all head on. Together, we can identify your strengths, your perceived weaknesses, and overcome whatever obstacles are holding you back.

Business Consulting

As a Sales, Marketing and Business Development professional for over 20 years, I’ve spent the greater part of the last 10 years mentoring small businesses so they can streamline and grow more efficiently and effectively. I have a career focus in licensing, manufacturing, and distribution, and can assist you with creating and executing traditional and social media marketing strategies.

Travel Planning

I’ve worked as my own travel agent since I was 19 years old. I have a unique perspective when it comes to travel, which often means my planning is a bit different than what you’ll find on other blogs or with traditional or conventional travel agents. I’m not offering direct bookings, but I can assist you with planning trips and really strategizing where to go, how to budget, what to pack, and what to see. If you enjoy an activity packed, off-the-beaten-path kinda trip, I’m probably a perfect fit.

Photography Feedback

I started taking photos at 5 years old and won my first photography award as a teenager. As photography technology has evolved, I’ve evolved with it, too. But what I’ve always had since that first time I picked up a camera? An eye for framing. While I still have the skills to develop my own photos in a darkroom, like many professional photographers, I am focused more on digital photography, as well as using tools like Lightroom and Photoshop to optimally edit my photos. I can assist you with gear suggestions, packing assistance, getting a handle on the basics, or just overall feedback on your work. My photography focuses are architectural, landscape, and wildlife. I have experience with portrait, sport, and lifestyle, but it’s not my biggest passion.

Fashion Guidance

Fashion is so personal but it can also be very daunting. Crafting a wardrobe that serves your lifestyle and also reflects you personally can be a big challenge. If you need help really honing in on your personal style while also putting together a proper capsule wardrobe that doesn’t break the bank, I’m here for you. Want some guidance based on my own personal style? I’m ready to share all of my tips & tricks. Or maybe you just need assistance balancing travel and fashion? That’s a big one. Well, I’ve got you!