Looking down a valley of lush greenery towards a wide river with mountains and clouds in the background in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Fun Facts

Africa is a massive continent with a wide variety of geographical features, climates, cultures, languages and more. Here are some fun facts about Africa:

Regions: Africa is generally divided into five regions: Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern, and Western. To read more about those regions, head to my All About Regions In Africa blog.

Countries: Well, that depends on who you ask. I generally listen to the African Union, who says 55 countries (2022). The UN recognizes 54 countries due to the territory dispute surrounding Western Sahara.

Population: More than 1.4 billion people (2022) live on the continent of Africa which means approximately 15% of the world’s population calls Africa home. There are more than 3000 different groups of indigenous people living in Africa. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa.

Language: In Africa, they speak over 1500 different languages (with some counts exceeding 2000 languages).  Swahili, spoken in many East African countries, has the most native speakers in Africa.

Religion: In Africa, they primarily practice Islam and Christianity, with approximately 10% of the population following traditional African religions. 

Geography: Algeria is the largest country in Africa, while Seychelles is the smallest. The Nile is the longest river and Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain. Lake Victoria is the biggest lake and Al-Kufrah is the driest place.



Africa will quickly grab hold of your wanderlusting heart. There is nowhere else on the planet that can compare to the variety of wildlife, unique landscapes, geographical wonders, ancient history, rich culture, and so much more.

Whether you’re planning your first trip or you consider yourself a “regular”, Africa will continue to surprise and amaze you. If its rich (and ancient) history isn’t enough to grab your attention… who am I kidding? We all know if you’re here reading about Africa, you’re already as excited as I am!

From the tropical beaches of Zanzibar and the medieval city of Marrakesh to The Great Pyramid of Giza down to the Ituri Forest, from the dunes of Sossusvlei and the massive Victoria Falls to the very hot Sahara Desert and down the Nile River – wherever you find yourself on this awe-inspiring continent, you will be enthralled and ready to explore.


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