In March 2023, I traveled to my seventh and final continent: Antarctica. This was always a bucket list goal, and truly a dream of mine. It was so important that I find a company to travel with that prioritized my same brand of eco-tourism, meaning doing the least amount of harm, while actively supporting conservation efforts and observing wildlife, but not interfering. The staff of the very small crew onboard the Oceanwide Plancius were scientists and professional adventurers who shared a sincere love for this ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Along with a small number of shipmates, my family went on the adventure of a lifetime. Our eleven year old was the only child on the ship (and the youngest adventurer of the season). I was surprised there weren’t more families on board. I’m here to share that this trip was so impactful and educational, not only for our daughter, but for us, as well.

Enjoy a small peek into my time in Antarctica. We kayaked, swam, mountaineered, snowshoed, camped and more all while exploring Earth’s southernmost continent.