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Language: English is the most commonly spoken language in the Texas, but there isn’t an official language. You’ll also find many individuals who speak Spanish as their native language. Additionally, if you are closer to the Texas/Mexico border, more businesses will do business in Spanish. The third most common language spoken in Texas is Vietnamese.

Currency: The currency in Texas is the US Dollar (USD). Additionally, it’s very common to use a debit or credit card for all purchases, so cash won’t be needed for the most part. ATMs are also fairly common and accessible. 

Gratuity: In general, tipping is expected in Texas. Most places will not add gratuity to your bill unless you have a larger party. Gratuity percentage or amount depends on the job being done, but 15-25% has become fairly standard. 

Travel Plug Adapter: In the USA the power plugs and sockets are of Type A and B. The standard voltage is 120 V, and the standard frequency is 60Hz. 

Side of the Road: Right.

Safety: Texas is generally thought of as a safe place to travel, but like any destination in the USA, use caution and always make sure someone knows your travel plans and itinerary. Texas does have higher than average crime based on comparisons with the entirety of the USA, but it is considered one of the safer states to visit in this part of the country. 



Texas is where I currently call home and let me tell you, I’ve barely scratched the surface of even Austin, where I live. When they say “Everything is bigger in Texas”, they aren’t kidding. Texas is all about larger than life experiences, personalities, and portion sizes. Texas is also known for extreme weather. You can experience high heats, freezing temps, hurricanes, tornadoes and just about everything in between depending on where you are in Texas. It’s truly a massive state. 

From the beautiful hills in the Texas Hill Country to the beaches of Padre Island, Texas is filled with a wide variety of natural beauty, as well as a rich culinary culture with many thanks to the traditions of Mexico combined with inspiration from the many German and Czech immigrants that call Texas home. 

Austin, where we live, is all about our motto, “Keep Austin Weird”. If you love music and the arts, you’ll find yourself falling in love with Austin and its charm. We’re also home to world-renowned festivals, such as SXSW and Austin City Limits. And so many delicious food trucks. So many.

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