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Wherever I go, I tend to review the things around me. For me, that’s part of how I enjoy my experience.

It also allows me to decide if this is something I want to experience again, or if I’m still on the hunt for the best adventure, best bite, best cultural experience in that part of the world. I also think it helps to read a more personal narrative when it comes to things. It gives you context, which is really valuable.

Check out my reviews and then share your reviews, too!

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Visiting the Last Blockbuster on Earth

Located in the city of Bend, Oregon (about 160 miles from Portland), be prepared to be transported back to your 90s kid youth when you see this perfectly preserved Last Blockbuster on Earth. Yes, you read that right. There is still a Blockbuster operating in Oregon and you can totally visit it.

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Icelandic Food History

Before traveling to Iceland for the first time, we were so excited to learn more about its history. Food culture is really important in my family, so we especially love delving into the food history of every place we visit. Iceland was particularly fascinating to learn about due to a combination of its geographical location, its isolation…

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