Lightroom Presets

What are Lightroom Presets?

First off, what is Lightroom? From Adobe, “Lightroom is the cloud-based service that gives you everything you need to edit, organize, store, and share your photos across any device.” So what does that mean? As a photographer, Lightroom is my go to tool to edit photos on my desktop and mobile devices. Using saved presets and easy-to-use sliders, I can edit photos in my home office or while I’m traveling with the same level of ease.

And now we’re back to presets. What are Lightroom Presets? Presets are a configuration of editing settings that you can auto-apply to a photo in Lightroom. Simply put, they are preset editing settings. Even more simply put, presets are like filters, only way better.

In Lightroom, in order to edit your photos, you move “sliders” for things like Exposure, Contrast, Saturation. Once you’ve found that perfect combination of slider settings, you can save it and name it and then you have a stored preset to use again and again.

To streamline the editing process, I’ve made loads of presets. Why? Because real talk — presets are a HUGE time saver. I save them based on environment, like “Sunny Beach” or “Rainforest” or whatever else makes sense. Whenever I shoot in an environment like the ones mentioned above, I know I have easy to use presets to expedite the editing process. You can also save them based on lighting conditions (cloudy or golden hour) or even desired effect (antique black and white). The sky is the limit.

Photography can feel intimidating. And the editing process? Overwhelming. Presets really help make the editing process more accessible. And accessibility is so important to me. Each preset package I’m selling comes with both Desktop and Mobile versions. As an added bonus, I’ve also included some tips, tricks, and a quick guide to photo editing.

Here are links to my current Lightroom Presets available for sale: