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    Welcome to Geek Girl Travel! I’m Beth, the aforementioned geeky girl, and I live for travel, photography, fashion and food. I love researching every moment of every trip and want to share that research with you.

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    Travel is so very personal, so it made sense to have a space where I can share content inspired and curated from my personal interests and my daily life. For me, this wanderlust is my lifestyle. Ever since I was a young child dreaming about the possibility of exploring the world, it was always my goal to see as much as I could. Drink it all in.

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    At 5 years old, I fell in love with the art of photography. While on a trip, my grandmother handed me a camera and I ended up taking better photos than any other adult there. That one moment started me on a journey that is such a blessing in my life.

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How I Started Disneybounding

My love of costumes feels like it’s always been a part of me. I even started cosplaying at a fairly young age. I didn’t really understand at the time that this was what people call cosplay and instead just felt a calling to do my very best to really embody a character. That love of cosplay continued through my teens and into my 20s.