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My Top Five Beach Basics

Beach travel is definitely a big part of our world travel. Ironic for someone as photosensitive as I am, but the sound of the water and the feeling of sand between my toes means I just prepare myself a bit more for the excursion. Now, these 5 basics presume I have a great lounger and umbrella set-up already, because it’s imperative for my beach time fun that I have access to shade and also a comfortable place to rest. And remember, beaches can be warm and cold. These are generally more warm-centric recommendations. That being said, every recommendation here is either valid for the cold or has a cold-centric counterpart.


Top 10 Travel Fashion Tips

Plan Your OutfitsResearch is your friend. Look up the likely weather during the time you’ll be traveling. Look at reviews, blogs, recommendations for outfits based on the activities you’re planning. If you have a play-by-play of what you want to wear, it will help you with the tendency to overpack. I […]