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Geek Chic

Eleven Ideas to Jumpstart Your Pop-Culture Travel Planning

Are you ready to travel but a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of fandom-based tourism? Whether you are just checking out a restaurant you saw in a reality show or you’re traveling to a new country with a hit list of filming locations to visit while in full costume, pop-culture travel has something for everyone.  Here are eleven ideas to help jumpstart your pop-culture travel planning!

Geek Chic

A Beginner’s Guide to Pop-Culture Travel

You’ve watched different movies and television shows, but swear you recognize their filming location and really want to visit it in person because you are such a huge fan. If you love the idea of traveling to locations featured in popular literature, film, and television, you likely have pop-culture travel on the brain.


Seven Ideas to Jumpstart Your Eco-Friendly Travel Planning

Are you ready to travel but worried that you’re going to leave a carbon footprint stain along the way? Whether you are just dipping your toes into a more sustainable way of travel or you already have your eco-friendly toiletries ready and are biking your way to your destination, eco-friendly travel is for everyone. Here are seven ideas to help jumpstart your eco-friendly travel planning!