Bakery display featuring Vínarbrauð
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Icelandic Food History

Before traveling to Iceland for the first time, we were so excited to learn more about its history. Food culture is really important in my family, so we especially love delving into the food history of every place we visit. Iceland was particularly fascinating to learn about due to a combination of its geographical location, its isolation as an island, the different settlements and occupations that have occurred over the years, as well as the available (and sometimes limited) resources.


Seven Ideas to Jumpstart Your Eco-Friendly Travel Planning

Are you ready to travel but worried that you’re going to leave a carbon footprint stain along the way? Whether you are just dipping your toes into a more sustainable way of travel or you already have your eco-friendly toiletries ready and are biking your way to your destination, eco-friendly travel is for everyone. Here are seven ideas to help jumpstart your eco-friendly travel planning!